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The Girl Who Sleeps in the Moon: Book 1

Goddess Books

Book 1


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The Girl Who Sleeps in the Moon follows the odyssey of Emilia, a seemingly ordinary girl from the 1950s who's burdened with unexplained mysterious occurrences leading her to believe she is a witch. When people around her begin getting hurt, she frantically searches for answers. In a turn of fate, she discovers an old book in her family library. A mysterious book that transports her back in time. Instead of providing her with answers, the book pulls her into a historical love story of a lonely king and his unrequited love with his first and only love. A narrative weaved through passion, trials, and sacrifices in a classic love story set against the fantastical elements of time travel and magic.

Torn between her own real-world romance with Dawson, she struggles to reconcile her feelings for him as society finds him unfit, which he seems to agree with. Emilia navigates her life, love, and her newfound powers. Journey with Emilia as she tries to unravel her past, navigate her present, and shape her future amidst heated, forbidden love affairs that alter destinies.

Can Emilia discover who she truly is before it’s too late? Dive into this enchanting tale that blends 1950s life with historical romance and a splash of fantasy. The Girl Who Sleeps in the Moon is a mesmerizing tale of love that defies time, heartbreak, and the struggle for identity.

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