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In the turbulent era of intrigue and backstabbing among the nobility, widow Caroline is called upon by the King. Having lost her spouse at a young age, Caroline is happy with her solitary life until the King has other plans—desperate to validate his trust in his soon-to-be son-in-law's heterosexuality, the king tasks Caroline with the mission of seducing the Archduke.

Betrayal forces the widowed Caroline and the powerful archduke into a precarious alliance, one that evolves into an intoxicatingly erotic tale of pleasures. Claude proposes that Caroline should join him not just as a lover but as his little spy, seeking revenge on those who conspired against them in the past. The unexpected proposition from the archduke opens the door to espionage, to strike back at their enemies—the unseen hands plotting to assassinate them. A fiery desire soon begins to smolder as she falls hopelessly for the enigmatic duke, or was it he who fell first?

Torn between her loyalty to freedom, her emerging feelings for the archduke, and the intrigue of her new role as a spy, Caroline is plunged into a world of deceit, treachery, and erotic exploration. In a court filled with lies and treacherous characters, can Caroline hold on to her passion for the archduke, execute her plans, and stay alive? This gripping historical, erotic romance encapsulates smut, intrigue, and revenge in an unforgettablely humorous narrative.

Mastery of Attraction: A Harlequin Romance

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