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In the riveting finale of the cursed series, deaf Prince Drake finds himself tangled in the threads of fate with the courageous and fiery Frea, born to a life of servitude under the oppression of her family's notorious Matrital Games in the land of Pandronia. Frea vows to obliterate the monstrous system that sold countless women into slavery after surviving the horrific trials of the games that claim countless women every five years. United with the princes of Lutherdral, they work to dismantle the corruption from within, risking it all in a perilous tangle of deception and betrayal.

Amidst the tumultuous quest for freedom, the beloved bond between gruff Eli and the sweet Princess Louise is fiercely tested as a kidnapping event threatens to pull them apart. Torn from Eli on the very day of their wedding, her abduction sparks a desperate race against time to reclaim love and the freedom they so desperately seek. In a world consumed by war and the thirst for power, will love conquer all? And at what cost?

This ethereal finale will transport you through soaring heights and shattering depths of love, sacrifice, and magic. Embark on a euphoric adventure that will bind your heart and soul in a world where that seemed impossible before.

Will the tangled strings of destiny allow them to unravel the cruel future that ensnares them, or will the cost of freedom be too great? Find out in this gripping conclusion where love and fantasy collide in the face of unspeakable odds.

The Wrath of the Broken: Changelings



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